From one Mountain Standard Time to the other

We have some exciting news to share! We recently said goodbye to 120 degree weather, loaded a U-Pack with our belongings, and moved to Denver, Colorado. 

The decision wasn’t an easy one since we’ve grown up in Arizona and began building Somatic Labs in Phoenix, but we are excited to call Denver our new home. We’re looking forward to connecting with founders who’ve also started companies in the Rocky Mountains. After going through Techstars Kansas City in 2017, we’re also proud to join the Techstars community in Denver and Boulder.

Though we’re still marveling at the summer monsoons and number of public parks here, we’ve hit the ground running over the past few weeks. We have a new implementation of our Zorb Hardware that we’re excited to demo. Let us know if you’re ever in the Denver area – we’d love to see you and let you try our newest haptic display!

Techstars, as experienced by Employee 1

It’s been about six weeks since we returned to Phoenix after participating in Kansas City Techstars, meaning this post is pretty overdue. I’ve had decent time to reflect on my time in program and wanted to share three Techstars experiences that remain valuable as I continue working at Somatic Labs and in the start-up community. Keep reading