Our 10 Favorite Phoenix Coffee Shops for Productivity


Giant is our favorite place to work, as long as it isn’t too crowded – its clean interior has a variety of places to sit and work – bar stools, regular tables, benches, and cushioned seats. During the day, it’s often very quiet, but sometimes it can be crowded at peak hours.

Giant Coffee


Although it can be loud at times, Lux is a very large coffee shop with a lot of space. A single cup of drip coffee also buys you unlimited refills, so you can sit and work for several hours as long as you don’t mind a little bit of a crowd. For those looking to work into the hours of the evening (something startup founders may be a bit too familiar with), Lux also offers many local beers on tap, providing a lively evening work environment.

Lux at Central


Jobot is our preferred stop for a mix of coffee and food – they have a variety of great entrees that taste amazing in addition to good coffee. Although the space can be a little bit busy at times, it can often provide the right ambiance for productivity.

Jobot Coffee

Copper Star

Copper Star is the only coffee shop in this list with drive-through ordering. The interior is small, but great for grinding out work.

Copper Star Coffee

Urban Beans

Open 24/7, Urban Beans offers a great stop for night owls to grab a coffee and get some work done while enjoying the atmosphere of the cafe’s local-art decorated walls. Urban Beans also offers a great food selection, with many vegetarian options, and is a perfect place to grab lunch or a late-night snack.

Fair Trade

Fair Trade has a mix of food and coffee, and they also make a point of providing a very important amenity: power strips. This coffee shop also has excellent seating and a typically quiet atmosphere, making it a great place to post up for the day to get work done!

Fair Trade Cafe


With a vibrant location in the Roosevelt Row Arts District of Downtown Phoenix, Songbird offers a great selection of coffees and teas in an authentic local atmosphere. Songbird locally sources their coffees and teas as well, meaning that each cup helps support the Arizona business community!

Songbird Coffee


For vegans and vegetarians, Nami is a guaranteed favorite. They offer a vast selection of vegan treats including a 100% soy-based version of the famous DQ Blizzard, called the Tsoynami. Nami also offers great coffee and opens early, making it a great place to get morning work done at.



Lola offers a great assortment of coffee drinks and a great mellow atmosphere for getting work done. If you’re looking for something really special, try the Matador, one of Lola’s coffee specialties.

Lola Coffee

One Coffee

Located in the heart of Downtown Phoenix, One Coffee is a great option for those working at co-working spaces nearby who want a change of scenery. They offer a great variety of treats and coffee drinks, making it a great stop any time of the day!

One Coffee

Author: Jake Rockland

Jake is currently a junior pursuing a B.S.E. in Computer Engineering at the University of Arizona. A hacker at heart, Jake has experience with firmware development, full stack web development, and iOS development.

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